SoulThirst Church

+ North Texas +

We host a worship service every Sunday at 10am.
You’re welcome anytime. Come as you are. 
4700 Nash Drive, The Colony, Texas


About STC:  At SoulThirst, we believe every person on Earth is important to God. We also believe God is all about helping us, giving us fresh starts, guiding us & sharpening us. We invite you to come be freed and transformed by the person and work of Christ Jesus, as you embrace the next chapter that God has in store for you.

Our Sunday Flow: Our worship services last 55 minutes. For the first 25 minutes of worship all ages gather together, then midway through worship we invite preschoolers through 5th graders to attend interactive classes. We also host Middle School & High School classes on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of the month. Nursery care for infants and toddlers is available at all services. Adult Bible Study is offered every Sunday & begins 15 minutes after worship concludes.

The 4 Biggies! Along with many other good things that might be shared on a Sunday or in a Bible study, these 4 BIGGIES should be heard in every Bible study & every sermon message you ever attend (anywhere!)

This is the glorious Gospel Good News, intended for all human beings:

1. Christ on His cross is the complete payment for all your sins - including the payment for the deepest depths of your sinful condition. 

2. Christ is your full covering of perfect obedience & perfect righteousness. (His obedience & His righteousness are put on you like a cloak, & credited to you as your own!) 

3. Christ will walk with you through every mountain & every valley of life, never leaving you and always helping you. 

4. Christ is your eternal life. He is the living, breathing portal to adventure & bliss forever.